19 Jul

I almost missed today’s post. The reason is because on Saturday, I had a date with a very interesting woman who insisted that I had missed out on the best parts of the TV show Dollhouse because I stopped watching at Episode 8. Now it wasn’t that I disliked the show. Not at all. It just happened to be a show that came on at Friday’s at 9PM. It wasn’t a time slot that correlated well with my TV watching. If I could, I would’ve watched Fox’s Friday night block of Dollhouse & Sarah Connor Chronicles but I would always forget it was on or be otherwise occupied. So, I was reminded of the show and decided to follow the advice of a beautiful woman and started watching from episode 9 on. She was absolutely right. The show is phenomenal. I think it may be burning through the plot a little quickly but I guess that’s half the fun of being on FOX. You have no idea if the show will survive the season so you often need to give a little closure at the season end just in case (See: Point Pleasant). So I’m gonna go back to watching the show. You can enjoy the theme song

Song 949- “What You Don’t Know” by Jonatha Brooke


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