22 Jul

Need more metal, stat. I’ve been hunting it. I went looking for new stuff and found myself at Lifeforce Records’ website. And then what do I do? Yes, I find some new stuff to enjoy, like Hand to Hand. But in the end, I ended up returning to listening to a band I hadn’t checked out in a while- Between the Buried & Me. In their free media section was BTBAM’s song “Aspirations” and it was a great song to pick up. It’s got the right mix of growling grind, melodic bits and even throws in some Judas Priesty high bits. It’s 6 minutes of song that will rattle in your chest. It’s not the catchiest tune in the world but it drags you in with its power and then surprises you with the melodic parts.

Song 951- “Aspirations” by Between the Buried and Me


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