30 Jul

I just found something that absolutely blew my mind. I was thinking about what song I should write about today and decided that I should look in my jukebox. I started off with the most played song and realized that I had never written about it in the blog. But I was immediately discouraged because I knew the song was never a single and thus had no music video and the likelihood that I would find a way to post the song, being that it’s a piece of J-rock was going to be pretty slim. I looked on YouTube and found the usual crap: the slideshow with the lyrics or the attempt at humor misheard lyrics (which wasn’t half bad). But then amazingly I found a live version. There is was in all it’s glory- Maximum the Hormone live in concert. I think that’s worthy of a couple of days worth of posting. Today, my favorite MTH song and then tomorrow more about the band. Take in the thunderous power of “Policeman Benz” and check out the energy of the crowd. I wish I could’ve been there pogoing along with them.

Song 958- “Policeman Benz” by Maximum the Hormone


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