13 Aug

The world is pretty big into these singing reality shows. American Idol has been big news for years but what does it have for me when I’ve been awfully more hard rocking lately. I’ll admit freely that I greatly enjoy the work of Kelly Clarkson (more specifically the “My December” album) but it doesn’t rock out all the time. There have been guys like Bo Bice and Constantine but it’s just not got the kick. Surprisingly, the rock I’m looking for would come from a woman who sang stuff like “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on the show…Carly Smithson. In her post Idol life she found herself hooking up with Ben Moody. Ben Moody was a founding member of Evanescence. (The one that Amy Lee keeps pointing at when people ask “Is Evanescence a Christian band?”) Together, they have formed the band, We are the Fallen. (BTW, Evanescence’s first album was called “Fallen”). The mix of Moody & Smithson comes off like Evanescence (which still sounds a lot like Lacuna Coil) but it’s still very enjoyable. Their single has those crunchy guitars while showing a melodic side. It hits the spot today. I can’t wait to see what else will come from this band, especially since they aren’t going to do albums, just singles. Plus Smithson can definitely sing. Check out this live version, especially when the guide track plays before the last chorus and she lets it play for a second before bringing a big projecting vocal performance. Very nice.

Song 971- “Bury Me Alive” by We are the Fallen


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