19 Aug

Sometimes my mind stumbles upon songs that I haven’t heard in years. And I just had one of those experiences but this time, it was like a break in a levee as I found myself in the midst of a musical flood. I don’t even know which song to choose. Okay, the next few days will feature songs from An Emotional Fish, School of Fish, Hammerbox, New York Loose, Sybil Vane but first, The Interpreters. I was struck with this song with its infectious chorus and I have vivid memories of seeing the video on MTV’s 12 Angry Viewers but I could not remember the band’s name. Thankfully I have some skills at internet research and found an old article about the MTV show that mentioned the Interpreters. Score. Time to watch and flashback. They didn’t win 12 Angry Viewers but this song stuck with me all these years later.

Song 976- “Shout” by the Interpreters


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