20 Aug

Occasionally, I miss the wackiness of youth where I would go out and buy a CD with little or no clue of what the band is really like. I don’t know what attracted me to the band NY Loose, other than being a New Yorker and getting caught up in the hype. I used to get a lot of the music newspapers. I’d bug my dad to head to 48th Street and pick them up from the guitar shops. I had many a copy of EC Rocker and others of the time. In between finding out what the most played songs on WSOU were, looking at the demos people sent in (and wishing I had one) and reading about the last lingering hair metal bands as the grudge scene emerged (Skin n’ Bones!), I heard about NY Loose. I gave their album “Year of the Rat” a try and it was worthwhile. They never made it big but I think they came out a few years too soon for their sound. Looking back, it was a good little album with power punk tunes like “Pretty Suicide” and a great VU cover (“Sunday Morning”). I think I’m gonna have to find that album and give it a few spin.

Song 977- “Broken” by New York Loose


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