23 Aug

I was supposed to be talking about Goodness today. But I have been sidetracked by Shakira. I have a deep love for Shakira. I know what most of readers are probably thinking- it’s all about the hotness. But I have been a fan of her music from long before she started singing in English. I stumbled upon her back in her brunette days. I was hunting down some new music and decided I would start the search by watching a countdown show on Spanish television (back in 1998!). I stumble across the song “Inevitable” and I was absolutely stunned. Of course, I would have to do some backtracking from there and quickly became a Shakira. She had a unique voice, a cool style and was bringing something different in her version of Latin music. By the time she came out with her phenomenal MTV Unplugged, I was hooked. Then she started singing in English. Even better! Sure, she got a little more pop with her Beyonce & Wyclef collabs but she was still bringing interesting music. Today, I heard her new song “She Wolf” and oh my god. Musically, this is insane. She hooked up with one of the guys from The Bravery and one from Apples in Stereo and created a mindblower. The bass in this song is infectious. Then there’s the funky guitars, the violin break and throw in Shakira being super sexy and fun. I guarantee I will be playing this song to death tomorrow.

Song 980- “She Wolf” by Shakira


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