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27 Sep

You may notice that something is a little up with my posts lately. Mostly, it’s because I’ve been a bit distracted. Why? Because I’ve been looking for a new place to live. Finally, it looks like I’ve found one. So I’ll be moving. Expect a couple more thin posts and then I’ll be back in full and I’ll be going back to themes. I think they worked better than the random posts. In honor of getting a new place to live, here is my all time favorite Cinderella song.

Song 1011- “Coming Home” by Cinderella



25 Sep

I’m hella sick.

Song 1010- “Dead” by My Chemical Romance


24 Sep

I adore covers as you can tell by what’s in this blog. But if you were to look on my jukebox, you wouldn’t find a cover in my top ten most played songs. You’d find WreckdoM, Maximum the Hormone, Die So Fluid, Katy Perry (it surprises me too), Charlotte Hatherley, the BPA, Shakira, Paramore, and Cryoshell. The first cover doesn’t come until my top 30. There you get stuff like Charlie Ash and Within Temptation. The #3 cover is by a band that I had never heard of before with a wonderous name- Mose Giganticus. And even more surprising is the choice of song:

Song 1009- “Mr. Roboto” by Mose Giganticus


23 Sep

With only 5 minutes remaining, he posts and he scores.

Song 1008- “Shinyu Yo” by Shonan No Kaze


22 Sep

This weekend I saw a movie. I don’t get to watch movies often so I’m extremely grateful when I see one and it doesn’t suck. When it sucks, it’s horribly annoying (see my posts on “I Love You Beth Cooper”). This time, I decided to watch “Zack & Miri Make A Porno”. Now, I’ve never been a big Kevin Smith guy. I have enjoyed what I’ve seen, especially Chasing Amy. But I can’t say that any of the View Askewniverse movies rank among my favorites. Now Zack & Miri isn’t View Askew. It doesn’t have a Jay & Silent Bob appearance but it is a heaping handful of classic Kevin Smith comedy. And I was pleasantly surprised at just how good it was. Elizabeth Banks & Seth Rogen both did tremendous jobs and handled Smith’s style of wit very well. It was definitely a movie I’d watch again. Plus it had a nice soundtrack include MC Chris. What does nerdcore rap do with porn? Watch it and see. 🙂

Song 1007- “Fett’s Vette” by MC Chris


21 Sep

I’m feeling a little under the weather today. So this is one of those nights where there’s a million things you wanna do, but you only get to do one- Sleep.

Song 1006- “Sleep to Dream” by Fiona Apple

I do love that Tidal album, don’t I? I posted “Shadowboxer” at 990; “Never is a Promise” at 141 and “Criminal” at 652. There’s only one more single with a video from that album. I wonder how long it will be before I post “The First Taste”?

‘night, folks.


20 Sep

In my travels today, I decided to do some searching for J-Rock music and dug up many websites that I hadn’t seen before and a lot of links to new music. I happily found out that two of the J-Rock groups that I love had new music out. Tommy Heavenly6 has a new grudge rock inspired album called “I Kill My Heart”. Even though the reviews I found of it were atrocious, I decided to try it out anyway and you’ll hear more about that experience later in the month. Another group who I’m excited to hear more of is Onmyouza, whose new album “Kongo Kyubi” is going to get a lot of play on my jukebox. But I wasn’t satisfied in just listening to those two albums. I wanted to go into uncharted territory.

I found a way to check out the songs on the infamous Oricon chart and started listening. I was then thrown for a look when I saw something I completely didn’t expect, an African-American. Even more shocking was the style of music he was singing. I would soon learn that his name is Jero. His style…well, it leaves a bit to be desired. It looks very very much like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And it doesn’t help matters that he’s also from Philadelphia. The interesting thing is that he’s making Enka. Enka is traditional Japanese music. He learned about the style from his grandmother who would play it when he was growing up. Now, he takes the genre and does it with a bit of an R&B tinge.

Enka found its greatest popularity back in the 1940’s. It’s amazing that it’s been resurrected through the help of an American.

Song 1005- “Umiyuki” by Jero