1 Sep

So, Glenn Case, the guy who started me on the Song-a-Day blog thing has started posting up his songs on Blip. So, of course, I have followed suit. It is a long arduous process but it has been fun to look back on 3 years of doing 10kdays. And there are songs I haven’t heard in quite a long time like “Don” by Miranda and “Dejame Gritar” by Kudai. I really haven’t dug into Spanish rock in a while. The J-Rock has really displaced it, so I think tonight is a perfect night for me to find a new Spanish rock band to get into. How about some Zoé. It’s cool when you hear American and UK influences in music that clearly isn’t from there. This band has been listening to their Muse and Coldplay and perhaps some Mars Volta with some Green Day like vocal stylings. They’ve got this funky (not Clinton funky, strange funky) style to them. Very trippy and very cool. It’s really a shame that more music from other countries doesn’t filter its way into the US. We are surely missing out.

Song 988- “Reptilectric” by Zoé


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