6 Sep

I like many others have been swept up in the media blitz that surrounds The Beatles: Rock Band. (Isn’t it hilarious that the Beatles get top billing) I’m already a huge fan of the Rock Band game, so after seeing the trailers, I’m quite intrigued by the way they have done everything. The fact that you can do multiple vocals is great. The presentation is amazing and the replica instruments almost make me wanna shell out the extra cash. The song that seems to have sold me on the whole thing is “Don’t Let Me Down”. It’s a song from that famous rooftop concert. Now, I’ll admit that I am not a big Beatles fan. If this was Rolling Stones: Rock Band then I’d be super hyped up. Nonetheless, seeing that concert conveyed in the game wowed me in a big way. I watch this video and the idea that you can put yourself in those shoes for a second is impressive. It’s like this is the fantasy island of music games. 🙂

Song 993- “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles

In-game goodness!


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