12 Sep

For reasons that I don’t really understand I have been drawn to the movie “I Love You Beth Cooper”. I think it’s because of growing up on 80’s flicks or my love of movies like “The Trojan War” and “100 Girls”. I’m a little ways into my watching of it and well, it is not living up to the hype in any way shape or form but I’m going to stick it out a little while longer and see if it gets some charm. Problem is so far that I can’t for the life of me understand why this dude loves Beth Cooper other than she’s little hottie Heroes girl. But the character has got zero charm whatsoever. Character building is very important to me. It’s why I defend people who watch soap operas. They often get a character who is built day after day for years. Anyway, the movie needs to step it up quickly or I’m switching to watching more How I Met Your Mother. One thing it’s had going for it is this super cheesy song that made me grin hearing it on the soundtrack.

Song 998- “Too Much Too Young Too Fast” by Airbourne


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