13 Sep

In the 80’s classic Weird Science, Gary & Wyatt create their ideal girl but soon realize that ideals are not meant to be achieved. Gary & Wyatt in the end find a pair of girls who like them that they didn’t have to create. I think the people who made I Love You Beth Cooper would’ve benefited from seeing that movie. Beth Cooper may have been the hero’s ideal girl but she was an obnoxious loose cannon. In the end, does he realize that there are real girls out there beyond the fantasy girl he has pinned up on his ceiling? Nope. He gets a kiss, is left still hooked on this girl, there is one small genuine moment but it feels like the moral of this tale is “It’s okay to love a douche as long as she’s smoking hot”. The movie definitely failed with me. I’m going to purge that movie from my system right now. This song has something that movie had and something the movie didn’t. It’s got a hot girl but it’s got some emotion.

Song 999- “Thank You Pain” by the Agonist

Tomorrow, 1000!!!


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