20 Sep

In my travels today, I decided to do some searching for J-Rock music and dug up many websites that I hadn’t seen before and a lot of links to new music. I happily found out that two of the J-Rock groups that I love had new music out. Tommy Heavenly6 has a new grudge rock inspired album called “I Kill My Heart”. Even though the reviews I found of it were atrocious, I decided to try it out anyway and you’ll hear more about that experience later in the month. Another group who I’m excited to hear more of is Onmyouza, whose new album “Kongo Kyubi” is going to get a lot of play on my jukebox. But I wasn’t satisfied in just listening to those two albums. I wanted to go into uncharted territory.

I found a way to check out the songs on the infamous Oricon chart and started listening. I was then thrown for a look when I saw something I completely didn’t expect, an African-American. Even more shocking was the style of music he was singing. I would soon learn that his name is Jero. His style…well, it leaves a bit to be desired. It looks very very much like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And it doesn’t help matters that he’s also from Philadelphia. The interesting thing is that he’s making Enka. Enka is traditional Japanese music. He learned about the style from his grandmother who would play it when he was growing up. Now, he takes the genre and does it with a bit of an R&B tinge.

Enka found its greatest popularity back in the 1940’s. It’s amazing that it’s been resurrected through the help of an American.

Song 1005- “Umiyuki” by Jero


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