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31 Oct

1990. Chubb Rock jumps up on the scene.

This is an old school rap classic. Chubb Rock’s career may not be one of rap’s biggest but 4 straight #1 singles on the rap charts is a pretty outstanding feat, especially when put into its proper timeframe context. Plus the song I’m playing tonight landed in VH-1’s 100 greatest rap songs of all time. Chubb Rock may not have become a household name but he certainly put sme great songs into the annals of Rap history.

Song 1025- “Treat ‘Em Right” by Chubb Rock



30 Oct

Tomorrow is Halloween, so I figure that for the next two days, there should be some 10kdays Trick or Treating. No, there won’t be any candy. Though I was just having a conversation with my girlfriend regarding the sordid history of Bow Wow Wow. No, instead I think I’ll go for a trick today. How about some Cheap Trick. Perhaps something from the Lap of Luxury album. With the large discography that Cheap Trick has, why that album? Because that’s where I came in. I can remember being a kid and seeing the video for “Don’t Be Cruel” on MTV and seeing Rick Nielsen playing his 5 neck guitar. I was already enamored by guitars and seeing that monstrosity was enough to get me to plead with my parents to get my first electric guitar. And when I finally got it, I also got my first bit of sheet music and it was “Lap of Luxury”. Here is one of my faves from the album. Sorry that there’s no actual video but it’s still a great song.

Song 1024- “All We Need Is A Dream” by Cheap Trick

Tomorrow, a treat.


29 Oct

Need sleep badly….Cannot stay awake….Random song necessary…

Song 1023- “The New Zero” by Rasputina


28 Oct

I have decided that this week needs to be Make a Mixtape week. So far, I have received two mix tapes and they have been very interesting. Here’s an early standout track.

Song 1022- “Gazillion Ear” by MF Doom


27 Oct

A few days ago, I posted a clip of the band Estradasphere and now, I find another worthwhile clip. This one is Estradasphere and the always amazing Amanda Palmer. This is one of those you have to see clips. So, what happens when Amanda Palmer ends up in a bedroom with the Estradasphere boys?

Song 1021- “Coin Operated Boy” by Amanda Palmer & Estradasphere


26 Oct

So the WWE has got a new marketing ploy. To get more new viewers, they have their flagship show “Monday Night Raw” hosted by different guest hosts. And they certainly have had a variety of people hosting. There have been former wrestlers like Sgt. Slaughter, Trish Stratus, Ted Dibiase and Dusty Rhodes. There’s been actors like Freddie Prinze Jr., Seth Green and Jeremy Piven. Sport stars like Ben Roethlisberger, Floyd Merriweather, Kyle Busch, and Shaq have all take their turns hosting. They’ve also had some odder choices like Nancy O’Dell, Bob Barker and Reverend Al Sharpton. There has also been a few musical guests like ZZ Top and Snoop Dogg. But I think the best one has just been announced. Next week, RAW will be hosted by OZZY! Ozzy and Sharon plus pro-wrestlers equals awesome. Here’s an Ozzy classic. I hear it and immediately I’m thrown back into the days of Z-Rock on the AM dial.

Song 1020- “Mama I’m Coming Home” by Ozzy Osbourne


25 Oct

The WWE is putting on their show Bragging Rights as I type this and it includes a feud-ending 60 minute Iron Man match. It’s a grueling match, even for the audience. Sixty minutes is a very long time for a WWE match. But I’m watching it thanks to a lot of well done advertising. You have to push the story aspect to get a crowd to sit through all that. They did that with the help of a music video detailing the history between two of their stars who were about to go into battle. The song choice is not an original one as it has been used in One Tree Hill, Harper’s Island and other shows but somehow they were able to use it for the WWE. It’s either a tribute to the creativity of the WWE art direction or the versatility of the song.

Song 1019- “Letters From The Sky” by Civil Twilight