13 Oct

Guess who’s back.

I’m slowly trying to regain all the bits of my life after one of the craziest times of my life. It started off as just a move to a new place and ended up a 1000 other things. Things haven’t settled down but I think I can start attempting to get back into the things that I enjoy. So what song do I return on? It’s gotta rock because that’s what I do. Well, I was watching a music video that someone made about prowrestler Shiima Xion, wrestling’s 1st Filipino supermodel. Yes, that’s his gimmick and at times, it can be brilliant. Plus he’s a very talented guy, though his size may cost him a shot at every making it to the big time. So, I’m watching this video and begin to realize, hey I’m digging the song just as much as I’m digging the video, what is this? I look it up and find it’s from a Swedish metal band called Gemini Five. I know nothing about them but I love the feel of stumbling upon a good new tune. So I’m sharing:

Song 1012- “When the Body Speaks” by Gemini Five


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