19 Oct

I’ve been very busy unpacking from my move and on big part that I haven’t quite figured out yet is what to do with all my cassettes. I still have a ton of these things. Conventional wisdom says that I should get one of those transfer machines and turn them all into CDs or better yet MP3s. But that won’t be coming any time soon, nor do I find myself with the time to undertake such an endeavor. Hmmm, perhaps if I do a tape a day. Kind of a 10kdays of cassettes. That’s a god plan. And each day, I can write about some song that I’ve unearthed. It’ll be full of strange wonderful things that I haven’t listened to in ages like Shonen Knife, Escape Club and Lock Up. I’m now looking forward to that day whenever it comes. In the meantime, a tribute to the cassette.

Song 1016- “C30 C60 C90 Go” by Bow Wow Wow


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