24 Oct

I’m constantly surprised at just how things are being marketed to children especially music wise. When I think back to my childhood, the music that I would find during the cartoons of the time were not very sophisticated. They were basically your average advertising jingles in the shape of cartoon theme songs. Nowadays, a children’s program will get a completely different style of song. Take for instance, the movie version of the cartoon Ben 10: Alien Force. If you don’t know what Ben 10 is, it’s the story of a young man and a watch that allows him to change his DNA and turn into various alien lifeforms. So, they decided to make a live action movie of this, nothing big, a direct to video deal. But last night, I was sitting around with my boys and saw the most recent advertisement for this. It was a music video. The music was far far from your average cartoon theme song. This was a straight up emo rock song by the band There for Tomorrow. After seeing children’s programming marketed with music from bands like this one, Cryoshell and The Hives. I’m quite jealous of the experience that kids are getting nowadays. Sure, I’ll always love ridiculous things like the songs in Animaniacs but I don’t think I’d be so quick to put those into my mp3 player. This song on the other hand, I hunted down immediately.

Song 1018- “A Little Faster” by There for Tomorrow


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