26 Oct

So the WWE has got a new marketing ploy. To get more new viewers, they have their flagship show “Monday Night Raw” hosted by different guest hosts. And they certainly have had a variety of people hosting. There have been former wrestlers like Sgt. Slaughter, Trish Stratus, Ted Dibiase and Dusty Rhodes. There’s been actors like Freddie Prinze Jr., Seth Green and Jeremy Piven. Sport stars like Ben Roethlisberger, Floyd Merriweather, Kyle Busch, and Shaq have all take their turns hosting. They’ve also had some odder choices like Nancy O’Dell, Bob Barker and Reverend Al Sharpton. There has also been a few musical guests like ZZ Top and Snoop Dogg. But I think the best one has just been announced. Next week, RAW will be hosted by OZZY! Ozzy and Sharon plus pro-wrestlers equals awesome. Here’s an Ozzy classic. I hear it and immediately I’m thrown back into the days of Z-Rock on the AM dial.

Song 1020- “Mama I’m Coming Home” by Ozzy Osbourne


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