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25 Nov

Back at post 527, I mentioned one of mashup’s greatest albums- “American Edit” by Dean Grey (which was the combination of DJ’s Team 9 and Party Ben). I would feel remiss in my look at mashups if I didn’t mention it again. Here’s the song that probably earned the most notice from the album with its mix of Green Day, Dr. Who and a little Gary Glitter.

Song 1042- “Dr. Who on Holiday” by Dean Grey

and as a bonus, here it is being done live by Smash-up Derby, the live Mashup band headed up by DJ Adrian (the A of A plus D).



24 Nov

My continued look at the world of mashups continues with Wax Audio. Wax Audio’s Mashopolos albums are excellent and include some brilliant song choices, like mixing Bjork & Jimi Hendrix.

Song 1041- “Born in a Bad Place” by Wax Audio


23 Nov

More mashups to come from some of my favorite Mashup DJs. Here’s one from the first couple of mashup, A plus D. Their Bootie Blog Top 10 should be a monthly stop for anyone who loves Mashup.

Song 1040- “Stardust Kids” by A plus D


22 Nov

Next up in this look at Mashups is one of my favorite DJs, Peter Bull who goes by the name of Norwegian Recycling. I am always amazed by the choices that he makes. Take for instance this song. The Missy Higgins was a great choice. Ending with Colin Hay was a master stroke.

Song 1039- “No Taylor, No Scar” by Norwegian Recycling


21 Nov

I really need to put the pedal to the metal when it comes to my Nanowrimo, so I’m making this short and sweet. For the next few posts, I’m going to look at some of my favorite mashup DJs. Let’s start off with a classic that started me listening to mashup. It’s the Strokes vs. Christina Aguilera by one of mashups first big name DJs.

Song 1038- “A Stroke of Genius” by Freelance Hellraiser


19 Nov

It’s another long as hell day where I have zero time to put up a song and I have no idea what to post. Here’s any random song that pops into my head and I can find on YouTube. Ack!

Song 1037- “Fire Water Burn” by the Bloodhound Gang


18 Nov

These long days that I have been keeping have really put a damper on this blog but I keep chugging along. Here’s a one hit wonder of amazing quality.

Song 1036- “C’est La Vie” by Robbie Nevil