8 Jan

A funny thing happened to me on the way to writing yesterday’s blog. What happened is that I basically started writing a blog that I had already written. Back at 1014, I had blogged about songwriter Dr. Luke and yesterday I was thinking again about what it means to be a songwriter in this day and age. So I started writing about that same topic but didn’t realize until it was too late that I had already touched upon the whole Dr. Luke thing in the blog before. But still I wonder about all these top 40 artists who are utilizing hitmaker songwriters instead of making their own material. Is it damaging to music? As a songwriter, I feel like I can’t hate the concept. I love hearing other take my words and relate to them and make themselves into part of the whole. Well, music will always have artists who need a hand in creating their vision and that’s where the songwriters of the world come in.

Often it can be surprising to find out who had a hand in what. Take Vixen’s “Edge of a Broken Heart”. I’ve heard that song tons of times over the years, only to recently learn that it was written by Fee Waybill of the Tubes & Richard Marx! I think over the days that I look into who is writing the songs, I’m surely going to find many more surprises like that one.

Song 1060- “Edge of a Broken Heart” by Vixen


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