30 Jan

The other day I wrote about how I didn’t know that Ken Ober had died. Well, chalk up today’s post in the same column. I was reading the wonderous wikipedia and looking at the already huge list of people who died in 2010. I was shocked to see the list included Jim Korthe, the lead singer of 3rd Strike. I remember what a phenomenal song “No Light” was. Back in the day, I used to pick up a lot of promotional CDs that record companies would send to the record stores to try and get the buzz out for their bands and I can remember 3rd Strike being a band that was all over the place. They were being used in X-Games promotions. They were all over the metal promotion CDs and I really enjoyed that song. I was shocked that I didn’t hear more from them, but then again, that’s what you got from those CDs often (bands who sound good but often vanish). It’s always sad to see the loss of musical potential. He had an awesome voice. He was a reformed gang member who turned his life around. R.I.P. Jim Korthe.

Song 1068- “No Light” by 3rd Strike


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