9 Nov

It’s my official return to the race to 10,000. I decided to wait a few days because 1) I need a new computer and 2) It was my birthday. Birthdays are fun and I think I should continue the celebrating. For my first post back, I think I should pick a song that had been released on birthday (or at least the day before). There were two major releases the day before. One was Rod Stewart’s “Foot Loose and Fancy Free”. That’s not exactly my speed, though it did include the classic “Hot Legs”. On the other hand, the other big album of that came out on November 4th, 1977 is right up my alley. As someone who grew up in the Rockaways, having a love of the Ramones is almost mandatory. So, it’s only fitting that the day of my birth, people were rocking out to the Rocket to Russia album which included a lot of great songs like “Do You Wanna Dance”, “Teenage Lobotomy” and my personal favorite “Sheena is a Punk Rocker”. But, for today’s song, I’m choosing the song that put my hometown on the map.

Song 1071- “Rockaway Beach” by the Ramones


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