11 Nov

I thought it was so interesting to see what album came out around the day I was born, I figured I would look further down the path. Moving on a year to when I turned one, November 1978. Now, I have zero recollection of that time in my life. I’m not one of those people who can recall bits from all times of their past. I’m pretty good from 4 on. So, it’s fascinating to me to look back at that time and wonder. Would my family had been listening to The Police’s Outlandos d’Amour album back then? I’m unsure. On one hand, they were living in Harlem and had a deep love for Motown. But I did grow up with a Queen 45 that I played to death. And this was the Police, a band who had some crossover appeal due to their use of reggae rhythms in their rock. That album, released on Nov 2, 1978 (3 days before I turned 1), included some great songs like the classic “Roxanne”. But today, I feel like listening to another of the singles from that album:
Song 1072- “Can’t Stand Losing You” by the Police


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