11 Nov

When I was turning 2 years old, the world was introduced to a new single from Michael Jackson. It was “Rock Wit U” and that was the kind of song that I definitely would’ve been exposed to growing up. My siblings, who were teens (almost all of them) by this time would’ve been listening to MJ. All throughout my growing up, my house was full of MJ records from the days of the Jackson 5 onward. Funny how you grow up. I had zero desire to pick that song as my song of the day. Instead I picked a song from an album that my family would’ve never even came near to back then. November 2, 1979 (the date is under some dispute) was the release date for the album “Machine Gun Etiquette” by punk rock legends The Damned. There’s something about this sloppy grungy punk sound that resonates with me. It’s like one part Ramones one part Bauhaus. 2 year old me may not have appreciated it (maybe) but 32 years later, I’m loving this song:

Song 1073- “I Just Can’t Be Happy Today” by the Damned


One Response to “1073”

  1. valleyofsteel November 12, 2011 at 2:18 am #

    Great pick, Ernie.

    The whole album is awesome, overall my favorite Damned record. (There are songs I like better on 4trawberries and the Black Album, but as a whole, I’d lean towards MGE). And I’ve always loved this song in particular…

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