16 Nov

November of 1983, I turned 6 years old. Around my birthday came a very odd mix of albums. October ended with the release of horror rockers Mercyful Fate’s “Melissa” album and Paul McCartney’s “Pipes of Peace” (featuring “Say, Say, Say”). Days later, the world got a new Paul Simon album named “Hearts and Bones” which includes a song that my girlfriend just turned me onto- “Rene and Georgette Magritte with their dog after the war”. U2 released a killer live album, “Under a Blood Red Sky”. The Pointer Sisters made people dance with the “Break Out” album while the Rolling Stones tried to make people dance with the “Undercover” album. But today, I’m going with a song from Billy Idol!

November 10, 1983 was the release date of “Rebel Yell”, Billy Idol’s 2nd album. The album isn’t a hit on all cylinders but the times it does hit, it hits big. Take for instance, the aggressive title track with it’s great singalong quality. Or how about the 3rd single from the album, the wonderfully sleazy “Flesh for Fantasy”. But the song that I’ve always enjoyed the most from Rebel Yell is the 2nd single, “Eyes without a face”. Sure, it has that ridiculous line of French in it. Nothing against the language, it just sticks out like a sore thumb to me. Beyond that, it’s a great song that shows off a softer side of the punk rocker but still includes a rip roaring bridge to remind us that Billy Idol’s got teeth he’s not afraid to bare. The balance between the two parts all culminates in a great ending and makes for my favorite Billy Idol song even beating out “Dancing with myself” and “Cradle of Love”. (Though it is a mighty close race with “White Wedding”.)

Song 1077- “Eyes Without A Face” by Billy Idol


One Response to “1077”

  1. glenncase November 16, 2011 at 5:59 am #

    Excellent choice, Niv. I love that song too.

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