17 Nov

One day after my birthday in 1984, the musical landscape would be changed forever. Sure, that happens all the time. There are many groundbreaking albums that come out every year. But, tell me, what would pop music be like if Madonna had never released “Like A Virgin”? There had been tons of songs before it that with similar controversial natures. Not many of those songs were as catchy. Here was a song that was brashly talking about sex. Sure, it’s really a simple love song but the fact of the chorus, mentioning virginity, to this day it still raises an eyebrow. Yet somehow the song was a breakthrough hit. A number one hit.

But that’s not my song of the day. That may have been the big single of the eponymous album, but it’s not my favorite. By the time, Like a Virgin came out, I was still a little kid. I missed out on much of the hoopla surrounding it. Sure my classmates may have been into it but I missed the boat. In fact, I don’t think I had MTV for another 3 years. I didn’t become interested in Madonna’s music for another few years when she released another controversial song with a similar name, “Like A Prayer”. I would then backtrack and get into the older songs (I knew the older songs but I wasn’t a fan). When I did, Like a Virgin didn’t standout for me. When you compare the grandiose of a song like “Like a Prayer” or the punch of “Papa Don’t Preach”, “Like a Virgin” is just a cute little love song with some innuendos. And if I wanted a Madonna goofy pop song from that album, there was another song on there which I enjoyed much more. It had a more complex structure and the innuendo (which was still there) was easier to swallow.

Song 1078: “Dress You Up” by Madonna



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