18 Nov

It was 1985 and I think it was my friend Sam who had a cassette- a heavy metal sampler. On this sampler was the band W.A.S.P. and I can remember all the murmurs and hubbub that came from this (along with Judas Priest’s “Hell Bent For Leather” also being on the album). Here was heavy metal in the hands of these impressionable youths and it included a song called “Widowmaker” by a band called W.A.S.P. What could that acronym stand for? Did it stand for White Anglo Saxon Protestants? Were they some kind of racists? They did have a lead singer named Blackie. (That was wonderful 1980’s logic for ya). Did it stand for We are Satan’s Prophets. Were they Satanists? (Back in 1985, I had no idea of the concept of a satanist until this). Did it stand for We Are Sex Perverts? Were they some kind of sexual deviants? (This one was kinda likely, and it didn’t help that the song was on a sampler with the aforementioned “Hell Bent For Leather”). So, there I was in 1985, wondering what was all the hubbub. What was all the concern? I guess this was the first time I realized the power in music to shock. I don’t recall what happened at the end of that incident. I think Sam and I just went on listening to that sampler until we got bored of it. And I would end up being a big metal fan as you’ll see with tomorrow’s post; as around my 9th birthday, one of metal’s greatest albums was released. Until then, here’s Widowmaker:

1079: “Widowmaker” by W.A.S.P.


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