21 Nov

1988 is the year before I became truly obsessed with music. In 1988, it was still a growing love. Here is where I began hunting down new music to listen to. Public television was a big part of that process for me. Every afternoon in NY, we had a show called Video Music Box where I could catch rap and r&b videos (with some occasional genre surprises thrown in, like Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love”). But I wanted more rock. Luckily for me I stumbled across a show that I don’t even recall the name of anymore. The show’s concept was that they would show music videos with the lyrics on screen in hopes of creating better readers. It was great because it showed all sorts of videos and I could sing along if I wanted.

Whenever I think back to this show, one song comes to mind: Ratt’s “Way Cool Jr.” from their November 1988 release Reach for the Sky. This is the tribute to the sleazy rock star and the crash and burn lifestyle of the time. Not exactly what you would expect on an educational show but I didn’t care. I was just happy to score some rock.

Song 1082- “Way Cool Jr.” by Ratt


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