22 Nov

1989 was the year that I went from just liking music to being obsessed with music. It’s the year that I got my electric guitar. It’s the year that I started seriously following the music charts (though I was following Radio & Records more than Billboard). 1989 was the year that I began listening to radio stations like WDRE (new wave) and Z-ROCK (heavy metal); and made some of my first music purchases. And this was the first time I ever declared that I had a favorite band.

The band that I would declare as my favorites were Aerosmith. I can still remember the first time that I ever heard Aerosmith. I was at the house of one of my mom’s friends and her daughter was watching Video Music Box. They played ‘Walk This Way” and I was wondered about who the rock guys were. Later, I would get into the Permanent Vacation album. I remember getting in trouble for singing “Rag Doll” while in the back of the family car on a road trip. But Aerosmith didn’t become my favorites until the Pump album was released in 1989. It had great Joe Perry guitar work like the guitar solo in “Love in an Elevator”. It had Tom Hamilton’s stellar bass work (I wanted to play bass like Tom back then. I even had a band back then, but that’s an ugly story for another day). Steven Tyler had that crazy voice with the screams that came at such sharp angles and his wild performance style. Altogether, Aerosmith had a swagger that couldn’t be denied. Years later, Aerosmith would no longer be my favorite band. That honor would belong to Made Out Of Babies. But 12 year old Niv would be happy to know that they’re still in my top 5. And I would even get to meet Aerosmith a few years later.

Pump came out in September of 1989. And right around my birthday, they released their most successful single off that album:

Song 1083: “Janie’s Got A Gun” by Aerosmith


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