23 Nov

We have arrived at the 90’s, as well as the beginning of my teenhood. Ah, the wonders of angst, drama and CD’s. 1990 was the year I bought my first ever CD. This was a wonderful time when CD’s came in those ridiculously long paper boxes that served no purpose since there was a normal sized CD case inside. I bought a few CD’s in  1990 even though I still bought the cheaper cassettes. How could you resist the allure of being able to pick what songs you wanted to hear on the CD in whatever order you desired. So what was the first CD I ever bought? To the best of my recollection, the first CD I ever bought was The Cure’s “Mixed Up”. It may have just been a remix album but I didn’t have a lot of old Cure in my record collection (I still call it a record collection even though it’s an outdated term due to lack of a better term). I had “Disintegration” and loved that album so I was ready to get more Cure. WDRE, Long Island’s best new wave station, had begun playing the one new song off the album (“Never Enough”) and I was immediately hooked by the guitar sounds. They were so rough and unlike The Cure stuff on Disintegration. I bought the album on the strength of the single and the name value of the Cure. We used to buy albums in a ridiculous way back then, didn’t we? Think about it, nowadays we can hear clips of the whole album, or even the whole songs mattering on what website you are on, before you buy it. Back then we bought albums for 1 or 2 singles and hoped for the best. It’s one of the reasons why record sales are down- we don’t buy stupidly anymore. Luckily for the naive 13 year old Niv, it was a good first CD buy full of songs I would enjoy and very little filler. Originally “Never Enough” was going to be my song of the day but thinking back, there was one song on that album which got more plays than all the others.

Song 1084- “Close To Me (Closer Mix)” by The Cure



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