24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This musical time trip has reached 1992. What albums were released around my birthday that year? Not exactly some of my favorite stuff. If it was a month earlier, there would be “Automatic For The People”, “Grave Dancers Union” and “Our Time In Eden”. But I was an early November baby. That gave me The Bodyguard Soundtrack and Positive K’s “The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills”. But there was one really interesting release at the beginning of November 1992- the debut album by Rage Against the Machine. There have been many bands throughout the ages with a political agenda but few have ever been as brazen about it. The lyrics of Zack de la Rocha might as well be him reading angry newspaper editorials. But that wasn’t my connection to RATM. I wasn’t as interesting in the politics. It’s 1992, I’m watching Tiny Toon Adventures and playing Sega Genesis. So, why did I care about Rage Against the Machine?

The answer: Tom Morello. Back in 1989, he was a part of the band Lock Up. I picked up their only album “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and I was quite impressed by the guitar work. In listening to WSOU (Seton Hall’s metal station), I learned that he was a part of the new band and that got me on board. What kept me there was how amazing the band was as a whole. Here’s the first song I ever heard from them:

Song 1086: “Bombtrack” by Rage Against The Machine


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