25 Nov

Last night, I talked about the 1992 debut of Rage Against the Machine and how aggressive the sound was. 1993 trumped that easily with the debut of the Wu Tang Clan. Now, it’s minutes to midnight, so I don’t have much time nor do I really have much to say. Being a New Yorker, Wu Tang Clan was a part of my growing up. I properly felt their impact more as their brand grew and they spread out, did solo albums and produced one hell of a fighting game. But back in 1993, you couldn’t turn on a show like Video Music Box without coming across “C.R.E.A.M.” nor could you turn on a station that played rap without hearing “Method man”. But for my pick up the day, I’m going to choose a song that I didn’t get into until much later when System of a Down decided to cover it:

Song 1087: “Shame on a Nigga” by Wu-Tang Clan

Bonus: The System of a Down/ Wu Tang version


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