27 Nov

In our musical time travel, we have reached Niveous, age 18. I’m in college, working in theater, and making lots more music. What came out around my birthday that year (1995)? This theme has taught me one big thing… fate seems to place noteworthy album such before November. In 1995, October brought albums like “Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness” & “Smells Like Children”. At first, I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be writing about either of those albums, both which had some significance to me at the time. But then, I realized that November 1995 brought one hell of an album, with a cover with a picture of a three legged dog.

The grunge era may have lost steam by this time with Kurt Cobain’s passing and Pearl Jam battling Ticketmaster and not making videos. And soon it would be dealt another heavy blow with the passing of Layne Staley, but not before Alice in Chains would put out their third album- the self titled one with the dog on the cover. It was a great follow up to the Jar of Flies EP. Jar of Flies showed that the band was going in a different direction with their music. They were learning their craft and growing. The leap from the gritty plodding “Man in The Box” to the melodic yet still chilling “Heaven Beside You” was momentous. I could only imagine where the band would’ve gone next.

Song 1089- “Heaven Beside You” by Alice in Chains


One Response to “1089”

  1. valleyofsteel November 28, 2011 at 12:37 pm #

    Every time I listen to any of their songs/albums, I find myself wondering the same thing: “where the band would’ve gone next”. It’s a little bit depressing, to think about the greatness that might have been…

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