29 Nov

We have arrived at 1997 and there is this mega beast that has taken over the world. It’s a mighty five headed creature that attacked the world with catchy pop songs and a plethora of merchandise. It even had a movie. I’m talking about the Spice Girls. Was I a fan back then? Nope. I found Geri Halliwell to be quite fetching back then but not much Spice Girls enjoyment beyond that. I couldn’t stand “Wannabe” and that “2 become 1” song was absolutely atrocious in my opinion. So, when they came out with the Spice World album in 2007, I prepared for the worst. It was going to be another radio blitz full of songs I really didn’t want to hear. Then much to my surprise, they released a song that I could stand. Not only could I stand it, there was a song by the Spice Girls that I liked. Being a rocker, back then it was like a secret shame. But I’m older now and I can appreciate the workings of a pop song. I grew up on pop songs and there is nothing wrong with a song just being enjoyable without being a technical masterpiece. I’m still nowhere near a fan of the band but I can admit freely, I do like this one song:

Song 1091: “Spice Up Your Life” by The Spice Girls

Also of note, I have added a new page to the blog. It’s a convenient list of all the songs I have done in the blog so far. Check it out.


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