1 Dec

We have arrived at 1999. Hey, I’m a dad. So, what was I listening to in November of 1999 when the 2 month old wasn’t sleeping? The Foo Fighters had released their album “There’s Nothing Left To Lose” and the Foo Fighters have seldom failed to put out some good rocking tunes (with the exception of the acoustic album and that’s okay because it was acoustic). I’ve been a fan of the Foo Fighters from the get-go. I was even in the crowd the night in 1997 when Pat Smear left the band and Franz Stahl joined. Now, the band has always had a sense of fun in their music whether it be the wacky music videos, their brilliant tour liners, or the plain old silliness of song titles like “For All the Cows”. The times they go serious, it’s usually a more personal song like “Best of You”. Then there’s the song I picked for tonight, “Stacked Actors”. This was a different Foo Fighters song. It was a personal song but it wasn’t introspective, it was an attack. The song is taking shots at Hollywood fakes. Courtney Love says the song is an attack on her and I can definitely see she could get that idea. The song is a cutting commentary while also being one of the band’s best works. The song has become a big part of the Foo Fighters live show. A funny thing has happened to the song though. It seems to have doubled in size. During live shows, the song has become the place where the Foo Fighters go into full wankery mode and play for about an extra 6 minutes!

Hold the phone! I wrote about Stacked Actors back at #830.

Hmmm, I wrote a whole post though. Okay, tell ya what. Here’s the next best thing from that album- Dave Grohl playing a Peter Frampton-esque talk box!

Song 1093: “Generator” by Foo Fighters


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