2 Dec

Welcome to the aughts. In this musical time travel theme, we have reached the year 2000. By the time my birthday came around in 2000, I was married, had a 1 year old, and had gotten my current job and left the world of college behind me. Also just before my birthday, my favorite album of all time was released. I feel somwhat shocked, looking at “the list” that I have never written about any songs from it. I’ve written about over 1000 songs and never picked a song from my favorite album! Time to remedy that.

My favorite album of all time, without a shadow of a doubt, is “Haunted” by Poe. Why is it my favorite? It’s a concept album unlike any I have ever heard. The story behind Haunted is that Poe and her brother (Mark Z. Danielewski, writer of House of Leaves, which is the yin to Haunted’s Yang) found a collection of old recordings of their father. If you have ever heard Poe’s first album, you know that she has some serious issues with her dad. The recordings brought a flood of emotions that she put into the album. But this isn’t just an album with very personal lyrics, it’s much more. She took the recordings and interspersed them and added other recordings to make this collage to tell the story of her angst with her dad and finally figuring out the way to make peace.

It’s an album that needs to be listened to from top to bottom. Listening to some songs on their own, like “Lemon Meringue” and “Spanish Doll”, they lose their punch while other songs, like “Walk the Walk” & “Wild”, are great on their own and phenomenal within the whole. With that said, it’s hard to pick a song for song of the day. I wanna recommend anyone and everyone to listen to the album. But here is one song off the album to whet the appetite.

Song 1094- “Wild” by Poe


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