8 Dec

2005. By the time we got here, the music industry had changed a lot. iTunes was around, as was Kazaa. The music industry released albums quite differently. We were knee deep in Now That’s What I Call Music album (3 were released that year). I feel like the year was full of greatest hits albums and compilations because everyone was busy either buying or illegally downloading mp3’s. Add in Hurricane Katrina and you can see that US music was not at a creative peak that year. But still there were the occasional good thing like almost out of the blue Fiona Apple finally released a new album. Her album “Extraordinary Machine” had been heavily delayed due to battles with the record company. Finally in October of 2005, she was album to release it and while a slight departure from her previous works, it was a well crafted work. Back at #123, I talked about the song “Not About Love” & at #432, I chose “Waltz”; so I have probably spent enough time on the blog talking about the album (and with about 5 other posts, I probably have mentioned Fiona Apple enough times too). Instead, I will direct your attention to the music video. The video is directed by my favorite music video director, Floria Sigismundi, who also directed the videos for Interpol’s “Obstacle #1”, Pure’s “Anna” and Marilyn Manson’s “Tourniquet”.

Song 1099: “Oh Sailor” by Fiona Apple


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