10 Dec

The last couple of days of this musical time travel theme have been a bit of a struggle. When I did my research, I kept coming up short when it came to finding good music to write about that was put out around my birthday. But 2007 is different. I’m overwhelmed by my choices. There’s Monster Magnet’s “4 Way Diablo” album which features them doing a cover of the Rolling Stones. Saul Williams put out the “…Niggy Tardust” album (which was produced by Trent Reznor). Maynard James Keenan released Puscifer’s debut album. Otep brought out another powerhouse album (“The Ascension”) and Thursday released the great compilation album “Kill the House Lights”. There was even an album called 10,000 Days (not Tool though, it was by Saga). But what was probably the best album to come out around my 30th birthday? I think it would have to be Jay-Z’s “American Gangster”.

Jay Z saw the movie American Gangster and was inspired. He mixed in parts from his real shady past and the result was a brilliant work. It’s said that he would keep the movie running in the studio to inspire him. And Jay-Z is a rapper that writes his raps in his head instead of on paper. That mix is mindblowing. He would watch and then go into the booth and come up with songs. It’s like he took an improv and produced it into something great. Here’s my favorite song from the album (and you can check out the great song “I know” back at post #494)

Song 1101: “Roc Boys (And the Winner Is…)” by Jay-Z


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