14 Dec

If my last theme has taught me anything, it taught me a little about my listening habits. I learned that I don’t always learn about songs when they are first released. Looking at 2011, I still feel like there are a ton of releases from this year that I haven’t checked out yet and at the same time, there are albums from 2010 that I’m just now getting into. Plus there’s the whole thing with singles. Songs from albums don’t always get pushed at the same rate (it’s why Katy Perry just got another top 10 hit from an album released in August of 2009). Now, some of you out there may be wondering, “Niv, you put out year end countdowns for Songfight all the time”. That’s a bit different since it’s much easier to encapsulate a year’s worth of Songfight stuff. There’s an archive where it’s all placed. I can shove it all onto an mp3 player and get to listening. It’s a smaller landscape. So, I don’t really feel right doing a year end list. (I’m not doing one for Songfight this year either. I listened to the entire archive last year. I think I can take a break.)

So, what’s my new theme going to be? I’m not sure. I have to think about it a little. In the meantime, here is the one of the songs that I just got into. I was on a hunt for bands with “experimental sounds” and learned much to my surprise that the bassist from Coldplay has a side project playing alongside a member of Mew and a member of a-Ha. Yes, that a-Ha. The band is called Apparatjik and the sound is quite far from Coldplay. It’s much more electronic. Another part of the fun of the band is looking at their live performances where they play in a large cube which projects images along with their silhouettes. You don’t see that every day. Tonight’s song came out mid 2010 but I just got into it and can’t wait to check out more of their stuff, including their new album, Square Peg In A Round Hole, which was released in November. Hey, that was just around my birthday…

Song 1105: “Datascroller” by Apparatjik

and here’s the cube:


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