15 Dec

It’s time for a new theme, Music and literature. There have always been interesting connections between the two and I’m going to explore it. For instance, the band Mastodon were inspired by the book “Moby Dick” and made the album “Leviathan” including several songs with references to the classic tale of a sea captain and his obsession with a white whale. Take a look at the lyrics to the song “Iron Tusk” for instance.

Straight line
Feel it burst liver and lung
Long and strong
‘Til she spills her black blood
Center down
Vast the head body and tail
Shatter life
Physeter catodon
Culture vulture
Elephant graveyard
Culture vulture
Engage monster
Wreaking vengeance
Assault with all martial rage
Sail on

While not every lyric hits the mark with the original concept, there is a clear tie. This is the music that Ahab would’ve rocked out to. This is his rage.

Song 1106: “Iron Tusk” by Mastodon


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