18 Dec

I took the last few days off as I have been very busy with traveling and my sons. But now, I’m back and continuing with my look at music inspired by books. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the book “1984” by George Orwell. So many songs were inspired by that story of dystopia. There are classics like “Dream Police” by Cheap Trick. It’s inspired bands with political agendas like Rage Against the Machine, Bad Religion & Anti-Flag. Even I have been inspired to write a song using 1984 references (coming soon to a new album in 2012). Today’s song choice actually references more than one book. It seems that Brandon Boyd of Incubus was watching a talk show on a flight one day. It reminded him of the telescreens in 1984 and he started to write a song. He filled it with references to the Orwell book as well as the works of Philip K. Dick (which we’ll mention in another post). The result would be…

Song 1107: “Talk Shows on Mute” by Incubus

Hey look, another Floria Sigismondi video!


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