29 Dec

To start off, I’m wondering about the entire concept of writing about a song a day for 10,000 days. Not because of a lack of desire to do the project but the opposite, there are days where I wanna write about more than one song. I’m wondering if this project should be write about 10,000 songs instead of write for 10,000 days, especially since it means writing a song  a day in a blog for another 20 years which begs to question the longevity of one’s attention span (and the medium). If one likes to dance, why not just dance, why compete in a dance marathon? While I ponder that one, the metal marathon continues:

In looking at the list of metal subgenres, one immediately stuck out like a sore thumb- Nintendocore. As someone who grew up in the 80’s, this peaked my interest. Nintendocore is a bit of an odd creature. It’s what happens when you mix metal with the 8-bit chip tune sounds of old Nintendo games and the like. The genre title is a bit of a blanket term. It has been used to define any band who mixes rock sounds with that type of electronica. So, when I started checking out the bands, I was a bit disappointed. Some weren’t Nintendo enough and some weren’t very metal. I enjoy the band I Fight Dragons. They’ve been lumped under that genre title. They are pretty far from metal. That made me wonder if Nintendocore should really be on the list. Then I checked out Horse the Band, the band who founded the term (according to the wonderful wikipedia). That’s where I found the right mix. Check out the sound on their song, “Birdo”, named after that weird egg spitting creature from Super Mario 2.

Song 1110: “Birdo” by Horse the Band


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