3 Jan

The metal marathon continues with alternative metal. Here’s the thing about alternative metal; alternative was already a bit of a blanket term. I have always looked at the genre of alternative as a bit lost. Wiki says that the genre can be defined by loud, distorted guitar sound but it spread into an intangible all-encompassing blob that swallowed up all sorts of bands. So, what is alternative metal. Remember MTV’s heyday when you had Headbanger’s Ball on Saturday nights and 120 Minutes on Sunday nights. If you could appear on both shows, you would probably be branded as alternative metal. It’s a ridiculous term. But under that umbrella are some great bands like the Deftones.

I’m a little slow on the draw sometimes when it comes to getting into albums. At the end of 2010, critics were raving about the Diamond Eyes album. I didn’t really start delving deep into the album until the end of 2011. IĀ  had been impressed by the song “You’ve Seen The Butcher” because of its composition. Now I’m really getting a taste for the rest of the album and I think it’s an amazing piece of work. It’s even more amazing to think that it came out at a time where they were down a member. Tonight, I’m choosing the first single off the album which has such an unrelenting beat to it in the choruses that it’s almost tribal in its intensity. Deftones are currently at the top of their game, which is a wild thing to say seeing as they have been putting out great tunes since the mid 90’s.

Song 1112: “Rocket Skates” by the Deftones


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