4 Jan

You know how there is rock and there is Southern Rock, metal is no different. There is a vein of heavy metal that is inspired by the Southern rock style. That style is Southern Metal and/or Sludge Metal. Why the and/or, you ask? There seems to be different levels of influence because some of the sludge metal bands got really dark. (Some say that this style branches to drone metal and stoner metal.) The music still incorporated the riffs of Southern rock done heavy metal style BUT it added in tons of doom and gloom. I think this is better explained with a listen. Here is one of my favorite songs (not just of the genre): “The Lasting Dose” by Crowbar. Listen to it and compare the sound to a group like Down. Down has a lot more of the Southern influence prevalent but if you listen closely, those sounds are still here in Crowbar (Yes, I know they share a bassist) but it hidden under the sludge.

Song 1113: “The Lasting Dose” by Crowbar


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