10 Jan

Continuing my “By the numbers” theme, my initial thought for 2 was the 2 Live Crew. C’mon, why not? I was a teen during their rise to prominence. All that stuff playing up to a young male. But no one wants to hear me ramble on about Luke Skywalker and the many half naked women he paraded around. Though I probably could have a blast talking about “Do the Bart”. But instead, I decided to stay classy and got with the Irish band Two Door Cinema Club. Now, I don’t know a lot about the band other than the fact that they are named because one of the band members could get the name “Tudor Cinema” correct. And I don’t have much of a personal attachment to them. I first saw them on an episode of MTV2’s Subterranean which is the hardest show in the world to catch. Is it even still on? Does it live on like Headbangers Ball & 120 Minutes languishing on the MTV website? Nope, it looks like the ship has sailed for that show. Well, it wasn’t anywhere as good as 120 but that may be a time and place thing. But enough about MTV shows. It’s late and I’m going to run with the song that I first heard from Two Door Cinema Club one fateful night on MTV2.

Song 1117- “I Can Talk” by Two Door Cinema Club


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