30 Jan

I haven’t posted in about a week. There have been a myriad of reasons. It started off with one of the toughest weeks of work that I have ever dealt with. The stress was astounding. Then I reinjured my knee. I had hurt it last year while doing some painting jobs around the house. I strained the ligament. I don’t know how I reinjured it but in the middle of the week, I was having trouble walking on it. A few days later, I’m feeling better but I was a little worried there. So, I just tweaked it. Then there’s the big issue of my week- my computer stopped working! Looks like either my battery or my AC adaptor has gone bad, which sucks since both of them are fairly new. I hate being without my computer. Sigh. Last week was pretty tough. There were many times I wanted to post but just couldn’t/didn’t.  But now I’m back with tons to talk about like The Oscars, the upcoming FAWM, Metal Evolution and all sorts of other things. Let’s start off with my bad week playlist. With all the stuff going on in my day, I needed something to keep my mood up. I did that with an insane set of songs. Here are 3 of those songs:

Song 1122: “II- Keep My Addresse To Yourself Because We Need Keep Secrets” by Fucking Werewolf Asso

There’s this wacky indie video game called Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf which is essentially a playable music video for this song. The game makes little to no sense. You start off as a pantsless man collecting orbs of some sort which leads you to turn into a purple werewolf that flips you the bird. That werewolf goes on a killing spree for a few seconds before getting hunted in a “kill or be killed” section. Success there will allow the werewolf to collect the bones of his victims and make them into a missile launcher so that the werewolf can take on a giant Unicorn beast. And… scene. Yes, that makes no sense but the song is incredibly catchy and the visuals are so wild that it made for a great way to keep me happy during the bad week. Score one for insanity.


Song 1123: “Polygon Tiger” by Pumpkin Buzzard

One of my favorite bands to ever appear in Songfight is Pumpkin Buzzard. They can claim a spot in many different genres but the blanket of “experimental” would be fair. They do anything and everything they want as musicians. Whether it’s an album in which each song’s speed increases by 10 beats per minute (starting at 70 and ending somewhere in the 200 range) or covering the entire NIN Pretty Hate Machine album, you can find no other band like them. They have a new album called Neuron Beast which I’m slowly checking out, dissecting each tune in my head. It’s pop thrown for a loop. It’s got catchy hooks but the soundscape is so extreme. It can go from gutteral growls to 50’s sweet girl group sounds and back again in seconds. I am constantly amazed by the things that these guys put together.



Song 1124: “No Cure For The Lonely” by Nadja

This song does a lot for me. On one hand there is the original from the band Swans. That song sounds a lot like the stuff that I usually do as a musician. It’s a minimalist acoustic tune that grinds its way through with some gruffness in the lyrics. I love that kind of stuff. The Nadja version is more like the other stuff I’ve been doing musically. It takes a 3 minute Swans song and turns it into a 7 minute monster with droning bass and a sonic atmosphere that just sits on your chest. I love bands that can add that kind of ambience into their songs. It takes a kind of punkish acoustic song and turns it into something harsh, metallic and (in my opinion) beautiful.


Songs like these three helped me get through a tough tough week.


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