2 Feb

Time to tackle the last 14 songs in Spintunes 4, Round 1. So far only Hazen Nester & Gold Lion have dazzled me, but there are some heavy hitters in the back of the pack. I’m hoping for a fun afternoon of listening.

KSR-1  (Kevin Savino Riker) is up first. I would love to hear him do some Coheed & Cambria. He’s got a voice for it. Good vocals but the song drags on. There’s not enough of variety in it. Some bigger highs and low or emotional punch would do this some good. Robert Borden started me off on the wrong foot by 1- mentioning Carrot Top and 2- confusing me because he was a girl, especially with such well done high notes. It’s kind of like the first time I listened to Brian Molko. Goodness, there are some odd references in here. Furby. Really? I haven’t thought about that in eons. I kinda dig this song but where’s the nightmare in this? Liner notes say that this is about the “tickle monster”. Well then. Menage a Tune is third at bat. Much better than her past tunes. She hasn’t found her place vocally. It sounds like she would love to go full on Nightwish-style opera over the rock, big sweeping vocals but it never pushs that envelope and the music is thin, it’s just the canvas. It didn’t come together but it could someday. Marlon Barnes does the g^2 thing (guy & guitar) which is fine with me. It’s my thing. The idea of losing teeth is a scary concept so I get the child’s nightmare aspect. It’s not a bad song. There’s some charm here. If he’s not a New Yorker and a part of the anti-folk scene, he needs to be. He gets extra points because I found myself singing the song as I walked through the office.

Caleb Hines is #25 of 34. Caleb needs to work on his vocals. He gets points for using the word Escheresque. That would be a great band name. I’m putting that on the list. The lyrics are okay. Music isn’t thrilling. “Eh” just about covers the song as a whole. Chris Cogott comes in at #26. Backup vocals/ double tracking is such a nice touch. Very 60’s-70’s feel and it’s got a wonder of a guitar solo. The song is lyrically very simple but effective. I’m not going to give it a spotlight here on the blog but I’ll say it’s one of the better songs in the round. Chris Tallman brings a song called “Fear The Reaper” with no cowbell in sight. WTF?! G^2 stuff. The lyrics have a nice ominous tone to them in their brief exploration of life and death. Not a standout song but not the worse in the bunch. Steve Durand wins for best imagery. The visual of Jesus looking down at the poor naked kid in class is a good one. It’s a cute song. It’s got little kid nightmare all over it plus it’s got a little underlying thread that catholic guilt can mess you up sometimes. Good job. Luke Brekke, Esq. has a song that’s very low in the mix and clips in the choruses. This song is more tragedy and regret than nightmare. I’m not a fan of the choruses at all. I like the storytelling even if it missed the nightmare challenge. Wait What? hit the mark on the kiddie nightmare challenge. Toilet demons is a goofy nightmare choice but that’s how kids are sometimes. I used to worry that creatures could crawl up the drain in the sink when I was little (never feared the pot though). Some good musicianship especially on the bridge. The hook is weak. I’m 50/50 on this one.

We are in the final stretch! It’s Boffo Yux Dudes time. Party. Party. Party. etc. The concept that monsters are partying in the kids room is good. It reminds me of the old Sesame Street cartoon with the dancing “alligator”.


Can’t say that I dig this BYD song. So much more could be done with the chorus other than just repeating “party”. Jon Eric is at #32. This is a good song with a nice chorus. Would’ve liked the last verse to be something more. It’s 3 very similar verses, except that he caterwauls a bit in the last verse. I would’ve liked that last verse to build up the story’s intensity. Instead it only builds at the end and quite suddenly. If this song had more of building tension to it, it would rock. Instead it’s okay. David Ritter is in the penultimate slot. Am I seeing that right? 7+ minutes? Oh, okay. Glitch. It’s only about 2:40. I was wondering he was going to stretch a song about the Easter Bunny for all that time. Good choice of childhood nightmare. There is always something ominous about the childhood legends that somehow sneak into your house: Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny. Did my parents not have a security system?! Decent little tune. Lastly, Ross Durand with guitars that make me wanna sing “I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride!”. I don’t get the story. I’m trying to get it straight. There’s a kid who dreams of being chased but then something flies over them and escapes while the kid gets mauled, so the kid is always left to wonder why the something or another was able to fly away. Tough story to get over especially when its kept a bit intentionally vague. If it was that the kid and his sibling were running in the dream and the sibling could always get away while the kid got eaten (or a similar tale that’s a bit more concrete in the details) then I think it would work better.

No spotlights in the last 14. My favorite of this round was Gold Lion, followed closely by Hazen Nester & Chris Cogott.

So, what song do I pick for 1129. Well, since this is a Spintunes round all about nightmares:

Song 1129: “All Nightmare Long” by Metallica

Gotta love this video.


One Response to “1129”

  1. Ross February 2, 2012 at 6:28 pm #

    hey Niv – Thanks for the reviews. i did leave it a bit vague – I just felt like putting in a bunch of specific details would somehow make it cheaper and less ominous – and yet, you figured it our anyway. My sisters were always able to fly away in dreams while I was left on the ground always about to be caught just as I woke up – so in a way, I mark this a success. Now if folks get that the last verse is supposed to be about allegorical demons and flight in adult life, I’ll really be cranking!

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