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17 Jan

Have you ever had a single lyric that you just couldn’t get enough of?

That’s what I’ve been feeling over the last few days. The other day, I started digging around my music collection looking for music that I felt would make good wrestling themes. There are two reasons for this search. One is because I have been playing the game WWE ’12 and the game is endless customizable. I decided to forego all the characters in the game and play with a whole set of my own creation with rings, logos and all sorts of other bits of user created content. And since you can put in your own musical choices, I started searching.

The other part is that a good wrestling theme has something to it that many songs need in general: a sound that catches you immediately. There can’t be a slow build. A wrestling theme is a song that you only get to hear briefly before a match so it should be instantly recognizable, energetic and catchy. Here’s a great example:

 “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour (previously on 10kdays at #748)

Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” is the theme song of WWE champion CM Punk. It opens with a powerful Vernon Reid guitar riff that goes right into Will Calhoun’s drums followed by Muzz Skillings’ bass. When Corey Glover makes his first appearance, it’s with a howling “Look in my eyes”. Within seconds, you are onboard and ready to go. So, I thought it was fun to go through my music collection looking for songs with that great energetic start.

I found a lot of very good examples in various genres like “I Get Money” by 50 Cent, “Aenema” by Tool (my friend Mike figured that one out), “Dead Girls are Easy” by the 69 Eyes… I could go on and on with this list. As I was searching, I stumbled across the song “100%” by Big Pun. It’s a song that has a great opening. The song samples Lalo Schifrin’s song “Anita”, so you get this latin jazz flute riff while Tony Sunshine sings “Oooo… Puerto Rico” before Pun breaks in just to say “Toma!” (take that!) before the song hits the chorus. Great start to a song. Then I found it. Probably my favorite rap lyric ever. So simple but it’s such a great tough guy line:

The night is young and I’m already fighting, hiding my gun/ Promoter bugging,  screaming “Who the fuck invited Pun!”

Everytime I hear that line, I smile. It’s a great visual in the lyric and ending the verse on that line with a punchy delivery was great. So, all together the song ends up taking you in with a smart start, a great sample as the foundation, a chorus early, strong verses. Such a good song. If I was a Puerto Rican wrestler/ boxer/ Mixed Martial artist, I would have to come out to this. How can you not get the engines revved up by this?

Song 1119: “100%” by Big Pun