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8 Jan

I’ve been watching VH1 Classics’ documentary series Metal Evolution and this week they showed the episode on Grunge and the big question of the episode was “Is Grunge metal?”. I looked at the subgenre list on wikipedia and surprise, surprise, grunge was not there. And then I was looking around on wikipedia and looked at my favorite metal band (my favorite band, period)- Made Out of Babies. I looked at the genres that they are listed under and didn’t find any metal subgenres. They are called Noise Rock, Post-Hardcore and several other genre titles but not metal. I was shocked. Take a song like…

Song 1115: “Silverback” by Made Out of Babies

… and it sounds like metal to me. And I’m pretty sure that it would sound like metal to a lot of people.I think I’ve come to a conclusion from all this: genres are crazy and bands are too difficult to try to compartmentalize. I think I’m going to give up on the metal marathon just because subgenres can be ridiculous and bands have roots in so many places. So, I don’t have the answer to what is heavy metal and what is not. But I know what I like and I’m going to keep listening and keep posting.