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14 Jan

Welcome to the revised 10kdays.


The initial concept of this blog was about me (Niveous) writing about a song a day for 10,000 days (without repeating a song). It’s a great concept. The guy at song-a-day.blogspot.com does it pretty well. As do Glenn Case & Frankie Big Face (the guy who got me writing this blog and the guy who got me to revive it, respectively). One aspect that doesn’t work as well for me is the “song a day” part.

But Niv, isn’t that the whole concept?

Well, there are days in which I want to write about more than one song. Then there are days that I miss like I’m often going to miss Fridays because I’m traveling. I sometimes feel guilty on those days and I should never feel guilty on a project like this. It’s talking about music which is one of my favorite things. Then there are nights like last night where it’s coming close to midnight and I think to myself: “There is no bloody way I can finish a post by midnight. I’m going to miss a day via time limit. That’s ridiculous.” Another aspect that I wanna change are the themes. That was a self-imposed part of 10kdays to help me figure out things to write but often it just leads to me doing research and not just writing from the heart. The blog seems to work better that way. So, from now on, 10kdays has no rules. I will write about music for 10,000 days (gotta keep that, it is the title) relating it to my life and all sorts of other things. I may write more than one blog a day. I may pick more than one song. It’s a necessary evolution.

Welcome to the new version of 10kdays.

Song 1118: “Feeling Good” by Muse